Thursday, March 14, 2013

Monday, January 7, 2013

its the 8th

Happy Birthday, you.

I would say this to you, and more, if I could.

Should I, should I not? =/

Sunday, January 6, 2013


today, I was reminded how we used to communicate through our blogs and MSN nicks.

is this one-sided? give me a more sure sign will you?

Friday, January 4, 2013

So hard :(

Woke up to your new Whatsapp status this morning and am wondering what in the world it means :(

Its horrible not knowing what's going on so I can't even decide what to do about us. Or at least I'm hoping against hope that things may have a different meaning, that in my mind I'm blocking out the obvious piecing together of everything that has happened - how I waited STUPIDLY for your wishes on my 21st, Christmas and New year's, how I've been there EVERY 15th STUPIDLY waiting, why you would be awake at 3 in the mornings, how even your old blog is protected from me :(

Dear heavenly Father, thank you for hearing my prayer - to guide us each to the right partners for us. Difficult as it is now, I pray you increase my faith and trust in you, to believe that you have someone prepared for me. Help me not to take things into my own hands, but to trust that you are my all-knowing and loving Father, who has everything planned out for me. Grant me the strength and comfort I need during this time, Lord, and bless him and her if all these is true.

Give me a proper sign will you? Let me know if I should give up on us? :(

Saturday, December 29, 2012

"...我依然愛你 或許是命中註定

多年之後 任何人都無法代替

那些時光 是我這一輩子最美好的



Tuesday, December 25, 2012


.. I wonder if I would ever find someone to settle down with. Its so tempting to hit the panic button when all your friends are gradually finding their soulmates. Yet logically Me promises to never settle for anything unless the heart and head agrees.

.. I wish you din't give up so easily, that you'd try to win me back.

..  I think its not a bad thing to be greedy, to want to settle down with someone who can provide for me comfortably

.. I wish you'd try to win me back, with goals, with a concrete plan for the future

.. I wish I never made that decision to end things, that perhaps I could have convinced you to make use of your talents

.. I think maybe it might have been one of the best decisions I made, so we could grow individually

.. I wish you grew quickly and then came back to find me

.. I wish I dint make all those mistakes

.. I wish we din't have so many things between us

.. I wish we could be more alike than different

.. I wonder why I never thought it was better if I never knew you, ever now

.. I wish you would come back.

"Merry Christmas, you."

I know that if I don't take this opportunity, its not gonna come by again.

But what right have I, really?